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We have been operating in the rabbit skin trade for several years, we sell our product all over the world paying attention to quality. We work with seriousness and professionalism, our suppliers are selected and we choose only rabbit skins, ears and feet from certified slaughterhouses that respect animal welfare. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

Suitable for tanning

Raw frozen skins

The rabbit skins are taken from the slaughterhouse promptly after the animal has been slaughtered, transferred to our processing plant where they are immediately processed and packed on pallets in blocks of 20 skins each and stored in special refrigerators at a temperature of -20 ° degrees. Thanks to the timeliness of processing that allows the characteristics to remain intact, the leather is particularly suitable for tanning.

Suitable to obtain the hair

Dried raw skins

The rabbit skins, after being transported to our processing plant, are left to dry in the air for about 20 days in the dryer, so as to be able to preserve their typical characteristics and quality. After completing the drying period, the hides are taken and stored in bales, ready to be transferred to the dry leather processing plants to obtain the hair.

Suitable for pet food

Rabbit ears with fur

Our company is able to supply large quantities of raw rabbit ears suitable for pet food. After the animal has been slaughtered, one of our staff immediately takes the rabbit ears from the processing plant and takes care of freezing them at a temperature of -20 ° degrees, organizing them into blocks of about 11 kg each. After we have made sure that the ears are properly frozen, they are ready to be sold.



About us

The Nazari Marco company was born in the province of Cuneo and since 1999 has been dealing with the collection of rabbit in the territory, their processing and conservation, following a process that allows optimal conservation of the skin, at the same time, to preserve the quality of the product. Our products are then marketed all over the world, thanks to the numerous collaborations we have established over the years with companies that process leather, tanneries and rabbit hair processing plants. Our raw rabbit skins are suitable for making different types of clothing products, such as furs, hats, gloves, bags and other accessories.

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